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Covers all the major stones currently available and many lesser known, recently discovered crystals. Beautifully illustrated, this is a comprehensive guide to crystals, their shapes, colors and applications. The directory format enables you to find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal.

The directory covers the practical and esoteric properties of each crystal, including spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical effects, plus its use in crystal healing. This is an indispensable reference for crystal lovers everywhere. Encompassing traditional and contemporary crystal lore, it draws on the author's thirty years of experience in this field.

European Crystal, American Crystal

We have crystals here on the website from all over the world. Whether you are looking for American crystal, European crystal, or Milky Quartz crystal, we have what you're looking for. We even have Arkansas Quartz Crystal, which is quartz crystal right out of the mines in Arkansas, US. We are constantly adding new crystal types all the time as well so be sure to come back and look for them.

All kinds of Quartz Crystals

We have a number of Quartz crystals here on the site, including Citrine Quartz, Agate Quartz, Milky Quartz and much more. There are many collectors of rare gemstones out there that look for different types of Quartz crystals. If you are one of these collectors, or even just a gemstone enthusiast we invite you to browse our product database until you find the stone you seek.
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The Encyclopedia of Crystals (Paperback)

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Silver is a good choice by Wert Tyler posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2010
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the crystal bible

this an amazing book and it is easy to read i am a teen and i just love gems and when i got this book i couldn't take my nose out of this book it is truly amazing. by kaddo posted on Wednesday, July 22, 2009
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