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Crystal Castles

So, what exactly is a crystal castle? This is a very good question. To be very obvious, a crystal castle is exactly what it sounds like: a castle comprised of crystal. Why would you want something like this? Or where would you place it?

Many enthusiasts the world over enjoy crystal castles for one or two reasons. Firstly, there are the people interested in castles, king Arthur, medieval times, etc. A crystal castle is interesting because it's a freak of nature: a man made shape, intricately shaved out of crystal formations to form a miniature fortification of times long past.

Then there are those interested in crystal, and for them, a crystal castle may just be another piece in a china cabinet to complete the collection. Or, it may again be a reminder of a solid fortification from ages ago. In either case, a crystal castle is something not easy to come by, and a must have for any crystal collector.

Crystal Castle Reviews

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